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The roadmap is a guide to attending CRID training and the process can take between

8-12 weeks, therefore, give enough planning time. Use this information along with the CRID Programme Timeline document (request for this from info@crid.co.uk) 




Applications are ongoing for some of the following programmes (and more), which are due to commence:

November 2017:

1-week programme in “Budgets Management and Financial Reporting” in Dubai, UAE from 13 November 2017


On daily basis, businesses must deal with budgets and financial reports in one form or another. At minimum, business managers review budget numbers and run financial reports for decision-making and reporting to shareholders and regulators (usually as often as once a month). Many companies devote the last few months of the calendar year to creating budgets for the next calendar year. In addition, organizations create and disseminate year-end financial reports to investors and sponsors. The aim of this programme is to give the participant a renewed understanding of budgets and financial reports so they can hold relevant discussions, render decisions based on financial data and play an active part in financial decision making. It will define and analyze key terms like ROI, EBIT, GAAP, and extrapolation. Furthermore, it will discuss commonly used financial terms, financial statements, budgets, forecasting, purchasing decisions, and laws that regulate the handling of financial information. The programme will provide an easy to use toolkit for personnel responsible for preparing organizations estimates, budget monitoring, salary forecasting, estimating income, financial planning, resource allocation model and completing various returns forecasting/planning.

The programme is highly recommended for business managers, senior/middle-level officers in corporate organizations, senior finance officers directly responsible for financial management and senior managers in private sectors.

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OTHER DATES/VENUES: from 19th February 2018 in Rochester, Kent

2-week programme in Security Awareness and Customer Care Seminar for Frontline Staff in Mombasa, Kenya from 20th November 2017

The security of persons and key installations has become a critical aspect of management in all organizations. It is critical that key personnel handling security and security-related issues are sensitized continuously particularly on security preparedness, trends and signs of terrorism, disaster preparedness and fire safety & fighting skills to enable them manage emergencies. Apart from handling security-related issues as frontline staff, security staff and receptionists handle customers care issues. It is useful then to train them on how to handle customers effectively. Effective customer care is a critical factor in an organizations success because when customers are treated with the respect, value, and empathy they deserve, they will continue to support the products or service that they receive. To address these critical areas, CRID has organized a “Security Awareness and Customer Care” seminar targeting all frontline staff in Public and Private Sector Organisations.

The programme is highly recommended for civilian security personnel, customer care staff, all frontline personnel, law enforcement agents and their supervisors at Public and Private Sector agencies. The seminar is aimed at enabling staff to acquaint themselves with the key concepts in security preparedness, understand trends and signs of terrorism, appreciate the need for disaster preparedness, acquire fire safety & fighting skills and be able to manage emergencies. Further, this seminar is designed to develop staff competency in fundamental aspects of customer care including sensitivity to customer needs, effective communication with customers, understanding the functions of a customer-driven organization, maintaining a generalized customer information system and applying appropriate customer care skills for improved customer service.  

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December 2017:

1-week Seminar on "Global Community Public Health Policy and Practice” in Rochester, United Kingdom from 11th December 2017

This is a highly acclaimed seminar which will serve as a practical guide for attendees involved in planning, leading, managing and delivering a public health system. It will also focus on how health policies are made nationally and globally, clearly explaining the key concepts from politics and governance, with a wide array of engaging case studies, including health policy analysis; power and policy making; public and private sector; agenda setting; government roles in health policies; interest groups and policy; policy implementation; globalization and policy process; policy research and evaluation. A member of staff of UK National Health Service (NHS) unit, the Kent Community Health Trust (KCHT), who are responsible for the day to day running of public community health awareness and training in Kent will coordinate this programme.

This seminar is ideal for senior health practitioners with public hospital and health management responsibilities, such as medical doctors, nurses and other health practitioners. It is particularly recommended to public and private sectors health administrators, health services support organizations, health management institutions, and personnel in Ministries of Health / Wellbeing, etc.

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January 2018:

2-week Executive Programme in "Developing Sound Influence and Negotiation Strategies" in Atlanta, USA and Dubai, UAE from 8th January 2018

This specialist programme designed for senior management and union executives will review issues from strategies to simulations, learning and negotiating to performance improvement within the training period. It is an intensive programme led by our highly renowned experts who have union and senior corporate management experience and faculty to share. As per our usual sustainable development ethos, this will be a highly interactive session, where attendees will learn from successes and failures as shared and build practical skills to take back to the workplace. The key aim of the programme includes:

- To develop and apply negotiation skills and techniques to varying range of situations.

- To prepare adequately for any negotiation exercises within the workplace.

- To improve keys soft and technical skills for setting personal targets and able to undertake effective self-assessment.

The programme is highly recommended for ideal for senior management, including senior and middle managers, senior union executives and managers as well as others who borne negotiation responsibilities on behalf staff and members. 

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February 2018:

1-week programme in Technical and Commercial Aspects of the Autogas Conversion for Regional Team Leaders from 19th February 2018

The course is specially designed to offer both theoretical and practical aspects of LPG concept, and is aimed at providing the attendees with a good level of understanding of:

- LPG; the structure, elements & behaviour;

- LPG vehicle system developments & latest technology (incl. systems for older vehicles);

- Gas safety and general health & safety in the workshop;

- Code of Practice 11 & BS Autogas Installations (BS12979:2002)

The theory part of the course is delivered on the first two days during which time, there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and to access all the components used for autogas vehicle installations. The last three days will be spent at our partners’ workshops observing the process of fitting the autogas system and components to vehicles under the expert guidance of our specialist trainers.

The seminar is organized in conjunction with THLD Group, and aimed at frontline personnel responsible for distribution and coordination, as well as for those responsible for awareness, preparedness and distributing operations. This is an essential aspect of the United Nations drive on climate change (which is the 13th goal of the UN-Sustainable Development Goals). Note that participants may be able to access bursaries or sponsorship (climate change incentive), for available funding opportunities speak to our partners, THLD Group.

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