About Us

Welcome to the Centre for Regional and International Development


We are pleased to welcome you to our site, where we hope you will find information about us. Feel free to review the various lines of information shared, and I hope you find them helpful. I believe you will identify a programme/training that meets your specific need and offers your organisation value for money.

The content of the site will provide vital information that guides you to make an informed choice of training programmes relevant to your (your organisation) needs. We are confident about our deliverables, facilities and faculties, and therefore know that when you attend one of our sessions, the learning experience will benefit you and others when you return to your organisation—a positive return on investment (ROI). At CRID, we firmly believe that national reforms and other measures, including the promotion of good governance and practice, are successful only when tenaciously pursued with sound knowledge base. We also believe that all national, sub-national and regional actors, including private and civil society, must participate fully, with quality knowledge and right skillsets to do so.

We look forward to receiving you at one of our events soon and trust that you will take back an improved practical skillset and work ethics at the end of such programme. Please be aware that you can contact me personally at anytime for advise, support or assistance during the course of your journey to attending a CRID programme.

We are at your service always. Why not contact us now for more or specific information.