How We Work

We carry out our work in a highly professional manner, with very close personal relationships with our clients. Our core area is sustainable development and we ensure this is inculcated into all our programme content. As an organisation, we promote the policy that subsequent generations enjoy a similar or better environment and circumstances as ourselves.

To ensure our corporate promise of a personal relationship with our clients, we do all of the following and more:

  • Communicate adequately with clients’ HR.
  • Coordinate a training strategy that is client specific.
  • Provide all necessary documentation to facilitate visa applications and issuance.
  • Liaise with clients’ on flight and travel arrangements.
  • Receive clients’ delegates warmly on arrival at training venue airport.
  • Ensure they are adequately accommodated and move about during training.
  • Undertake relevant study visits and sightseeing at our training venues
  • We are responsible for delegates preparation for departure
  • Ensure that post-training needs are met at the end of training.