What We Believe

  • CRID believes in the development of democracy,via the people involved in the democratic process of governing.
  • Many nations, both developed and developing, have shifted or are shifting towards stronger focus on parliaments and political parties as key institutions that should be involved and supported in the reconstruction and development of their countries. For development to stay sustainable: participation, ownership and responsibility at all levels, from the villages to the state, are needed and necessary qualities, all attributed to democracy. And for sustainability to be long-term, both development and democracy must be home-grown and grass root. CRID believes in empowerment beginning from the local (at grass roots) and ultimately on to regional and national levels.
  • Most often people start the discussion about democratic structures from above. At CRID we believe the basic steps at the grass root level are the most essential, though, often neglected. The local level is underestimated – and yet this is where people get direct experience of the meaning of democracy. And it is also at the local level that the struggle for the involvement of women in decision making must start.
  • Building local capacity for development of democracy and institutional strengthening is thus the priority and pursuit of CRID. Participatory development and democratic governance are increasingly recognised as key factors of an enabling environment for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.