What We Do

Capacity development programme design and implementation

Our major specialty is designing, organising and implementation of capacity development programmes for our increasing group of clientele. During this process, we ensure that the right decisions are made on the content, level of intensity and topic areas for our various programmes. To help our clients to utilise implementation as a tool to translate design into an effective operational project, we continue post training communication with them. This requires defined planning of the details of an implementation plan and then accomplishment of plan.

Training needs analysis, in conjunction with clients’ HR management executives

At CRID, we have developed a series of simple, easy to manage processes that can be utilised and adapted by many public and private sector organisations. However, after very careful and critical interactions with organisations’ HR departments, a user-specific TNA is produced to help serve as a template for future organisation training needs.

The task of training can be broken down into a number of discrete components, each addressing a different part of the overall learning process. This breakdown is as follows:- Psycho-motor Skills, Procedural Skills, Knowledge Transfer, Communication Skills, Colossal Thinking, Attitude Learning and Performance Training.

Organisational role of training analysis is to build a formal bridge between the available design statistics, training medium and training objectives, in order to smoothen the progress of transfer of training elements into the operational environment, this is our niche at CRID. For big organisations with a complex multi-user system, a user-to-task map is often constructed to present the relationship between the everyday jobs and the identified team structure and also to identify other personnel that would need to have an understanding of the system. The training gap is assessed by a comparison between the goals and tasks undertaken by the individuals and the existing training

Bespoke training programme development

We believe the people are different, and hence what will work for one group can differ fundamentally from what works for another. We therefore take bespoke training serious and are happy to review personalised training needs for our clients, an outcome of which is a well designed, organised and delivered personalised training activity. Such training is tailored to meet individual and specific needs of our clients.

In-house training; on clients’ request.

We also can take training programmes delivery to our clients; this has proved to be a fantastic way of training cost reduction strategy on the part of our clients. A thorough effort is put in to ensure that service received is similar to what we provide at any of our other locations. It is also an excellent way of ensuring maximum participation in terms of number of staff that can be trained.

Project management and implementation services to client organisation.

Project management and implementation will usually include our post training operations (but not limited to); these activities will include all or most of:

  • Determine the specific type of programme that suits the clients’ needs.
  • Determine the level of intensity of the programme.
  • Identify programme areas/topics in conjunction with clientele.
  • Identify resources needed to implement the proposed activity.
  • Determine likely problems and propose possible solutions.
  • Estimate total costs, develop a budget and consider funding options.
  • Set a realistic and achievable timeline.
  • Organise facilities.
  • Arrange and develop staff needs.
  • Schedule activities.
  • Gather educational and implementation materials.
  • Get legal backing, where necessary for the project.