Why Crid

We have 8 key reasons why we believe that you should work with us over any other provider and give us a chance to prove our capacity development proficiency. These reasons include.

  1. CRID ensures that third-party accreditation is regularly maintained to verify our operations, and capacity, read information about our current accreditation status.
  2. CRID has delivered training and development solutions to several sectors, from government organisations, including ministries, departments, agencies and other public-sector organisations from differing parts of United Kingdom, Africa, Caribbean and Asia Pacific; oil and gas based organisations, both public and private sectors; private sector organisations, including many locally and internationally; we cover various areas, including sustainable development and governance, specialist and general management programmes, finance, accounting & banking programmes, aviation and maritime programmes, energy, oil and gas programmes, telecommunications and ICT programmes, and have achieved extremely good results. Many personal and organisational testimonials and the original evaluation report may be requested, just send a message below. Typically, almost all of our delegates are delighted and energised by CRID’s training implementation.
  3. CRID bases its material on research-backed ideas and methods. This ensures the impact, currency and quality of the course content.
  4. CRID has a high-quality pool of developed material which covers practically many aspects of corporate training for the civil society, private or public sector organisations. We base development of programme contents on our material which will give access to the leading thinking in the areas covered. Moreover, as all our materials are founded in research into aspects of practical technical and management techniques, the overall aim of achieving contemporary understanding within our client’s delegates is most likely to be realised.
  5. The concepts and terminology in the CRID events are simple, innovative and easy to translate to any business situation.
  6. CRID is comprised of real, successful business people (who have a proven aptitude for training) who can relate to the situations faced by the course delegates in their work very much better than any narrow full-time lecturer can achieve. They are passionate about skills and knowledge transfer. This current “real world” experience that we can relate, will allow your personnel to get a better depth of understanding of the issues discussed, as they apply to them in their own roles and situations.
  7. CRID will allow delegates to hear how the techniques work in real technical and business situations by people whose successes have been tested and tried. This will make the lectures more valuable and realistic, again, making it more likely that the methods can be adopted by the delegates in their roles.
  8. CRID closes all courses by asking each delegate to make a commitment about what they embed back in the business within the 24 hours following the training session. This commitment is recorded and they will be sent reminders of these in three months’ time to prompt additional action and further embed the learning. This is achieved by the completion of a 10-step action planning tool (a generic copy can be requested), that details what they will do to attain set goals, who they will involve, when they will do so and how.