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GM 0305

The programme in “Management of Risk-Based Supervision of Pension Funds; a Contemporary Approach” will review the design and experience of risk-based pension fund supervision in countries that have been leaders in the development of these methods.

The use of risk-based methods began principally in the supervision of banks, however, in recent years it has increasingly been extended to other types of financial intermediaries, including pension funds and insurers.


The development toward risk-based supervision of pensions reflects an increasing focus on risk management in both banking and insurance based on three key elements: capital requirements, supervisory review, and market discipline. Although similar in concept to the techniques developed in banking, its application to pension funds has required modifications, particularly for defined contribution funds that transfer investment risk to fund members.

The programme utilises recent practical case studies from Australia, Denmark, Mexico, and the Netherlands to provide a range of experience that illustrates both the diversity of pension systems and the approaches to risk-based supervision. It also presents a commonality of focus on sound risk management and effective supervisory / oversight outcomes, it is therefore essential for new generation managers pension fund risks



  • A better understanding of best practices in risk-based supervision of pension funds in the contemporary world.
  • Develops strategic skills necessary for the supervisory and oversight tasks for pension fund risk management.
  • A good knowledge of the utilisation of risk-based supervision in banks, insurance and other financial subsidiaries.
  • Understand the key elements of risk management in banking and insurance and be able to utilise them; namely capital requirements, supervisory reviews, and market discipline.
  • Have a sound knowledge of the regulatory requirements of risk management architecture, risk based solvency and risk scoring methods; and their uses in day to day management of pension fund risk.
  • Able to design an industry accepted risk-based supervisory plan for implementation in the pension fund environment.


5 Days

Rate per person

$1000 USD

Action centre


Who should attend

This programme is recommended for personnel involved with managing public and private pension funds, such as risk managers, fund managers and board members. It is particularly valuable for public fund managers at local and state level

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