Advances in Tax Administration, Taxation and Public Finance

BF 0401

The economic and political struggles of countries in the process of transition from centrally planned systems to market systems are enormous.

This specialist course not only focuses on the economic, legal, political and sociological problems these economies face during the transition period, but it also addresses the dramatic changes that have to be made to the accounting and financial systems. The course uses a series of case studies from over 24 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa to analyse best practices in tax administration systems and the accounting and financial system re form efforts that have and are being made.


The course reviews the experiences of several countries’ tax administrations that have successfully created specialised departments exclusively to deal with large taxpayers, and identify good practices in the area. It will review the entire process of tax administration from initial planning through to implementation, in order to identify key factors for successful implementation. The course is ideal for tax administrators at the start of the transition process, and also for administrators who have already implemented such units to identify areas for upgrading or to take well timed remedial instruments.



  • Be aware of basic information about the relationship between bureaucracy, corruption & tax administration and understand tax evasion strategies in developing economies
  • Understand some of the economic and political criteria for applying tax evasion strategies indeveloping economies
  • Be committed to international tax laws and public finance legislations and be aware of the various tax policy instruments and their uses
  • Have an understanding of the economic incentives, opportunities and obstacles of implementing large tax payer units
  • Have basic knowledge of management of large tax payers and dealing with the subsequent issues of compliance
    Understand the tax administration strategies in the twenty first century and the new sustainable approaches to managing large tax payer schemes



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Who should attend

This course is highly recommended for national, regional and local tax administrators; public financial controllers; commissioners of tax; top executive officers of inland revenue offices and other policy makers with public finance duties.

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