Current Practices in Global Energy Governance & Development

EOG 0604

The global market for oil and gas resources is rapidly changing and evolving, hence there is a dire need for appropriate and internationally acceptable governance and regulatory guidance.

This specialist course reviews 3 major trends – the rise of new consumers, the increasing influence of state players, and concerns about climate change and how they are combining to challenge existing regulatory structures, many of which have been in place for a half-century


It will analyze the energy market from an empirical perspective and offers practical policy recommendations to deal with these new challenges. The programme will discuss global energy governance with perspectives on how regulatory institutions can ensure reliable sources of energy, evaluate financial risk, and provide emergency response mechanisms to deal with interruptions in supply.

It attempts to provide answers to what are the current practices of existing institutions governing global oil and gas on financial markets and how do these institutions need to adapt in order to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

It is a must attend for those involved in policy and decision making responsibilities in the oil and gas industry, particularly the public sector involvement.



  • Provide a broad view on global energy and trade and investment in oil and gas; including diplomacy and agreements in trade and investment, development of emerging bio-fuels market.
  • Able to understand the relationship between global energy and financial markets; including state backed financing of oil and gas projects, emerging carbon market influence, investments in alternative energy,
    and the new green deals across the major players.
  • Develop a sound understanding of supply management and energy cooperation; including consumer countries energy cooperation, role of LNG in the gas market, oil market risk management, and the producer-consumer cooperation and agreements.
  • Have a sound background knowledge of emerging issues in global energy governance; including inherent dangers in the global energy governance, building global rules for sovereign wealth funds, and a review of the way forward in the global energy governance.



Rate per person

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Who should attend

This course is recommended for top and middle management personnel involved with policy implementation and decision making in the oil and gas sector at international, national and subregional levels.

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