Computerised Data Analysis for Senior Managers

GM 0304

For management and decision making executives, this programme makes basic most complex business statistics and management decision modelling topics.

It is delivered in a concise manner and it integrates fundamental theory and practical applications in a spreadsheet environment.


The first phase of the programme focuses on statistical and data analysis topics and the final phase on decision models. There is the professional excel software add-in in the programme, making it a market leader for its clarity of analysis, a teach-by-example approach, and the skills taught are completely applicable to today’s executive decision making and is excel integrated.



  • Understand the basic concepts of exploring data and translating same into operational management tool and be familiar with the concepts of descriptive measures for categorical and numerical variables, and the relationships between them.
  • Understand how to use Microsoft Excel to filter, sort and summarise data.
  • Understand and able to use the concepts of probability and distribution.
  • Able to use probability and distribution to make decisions and understand the risks involved in the decision making process.
  • Be able to use sampling techniques and statistical testing methods to assess probability and risk and forecast future outcomes.



Rate per person

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Who should attend

This programme is recommended for top business managers, senior/middle level officers in the banking industry, senior finance officers in government sectors, managers of government functionaries, senior managers in other public and private sectors.

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