Design & Management of Gas Handling Systems & Facilities

EOG 0608

This specialist course provides the most current information about gas-handling systems and facilities for reservoir engineers and offshore practitioners.

The practical based training will review such sections as: heat recovery units; kinetic inhibitors and anti-agglomerators; trays and packing for distillation and absorption towers; compressor valves; foundation design considerations for reciprocating compressors; pressure vessel issues and components; nox reduction in engines and turbines; and, safety management systems.


The course takes delegates through the equipment and processes used in gas-handling operations to help them design and manage production facilities.

It provides delegates with latest information on how to design, specify, and operate gas-handling systems and facilities.

The training helps engineers with minimal background in production facility design to easily establish facts about equipment, processes, and design factors.

The course provides delegates with the capacity to fully understand the specialist procedures of handling fluid products from gas wells so that facilities can be more efficient and productive.



  • Develop a sound understanding of gas-handling facilities.
  • Develop a clear analysis heat transfer theory an its link to heat exchangers, hydrates, LTX units and indirect fired heaters.
  • Will be better aware of condensate stabilization concept, including acid gas treating, gas dehydration, gas processing, compressors and reciprocating compressors.
  • Develop a revised approach to mechanical design of pressure vessels, including the pressure relief, safety systems, valves, fittings, and piping details.
  • Also become more vast in the operations of prime movers and electrical systems.
  • Will become conversant with specific technical terminology and aware of practical applications, which should enhance communication and interaction between discipline.



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Who should attend

This course is recommended for oil and gas staff involved with management of gas handling operations, such as reservoir engineers, drilling and completion personnel, geoscientists, as well as technical, field, support and supervisory personnel.

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