Disaster Prevention - Management Strategies

SD 0209

Disaster management is not necessarily a full-time activity. Indeed, for most people in the field, concerns for disaster issues form only a part of their total responsibilities.

Similarly, this programme is not designed for only full-time professional disaster managers; rather it is intended to be useful even for individuals who expect to be active only during some aspect of disaster-related operations.


One of the ideal objectives of the programme is that disaster managers eventually work themselves out of their jobs. The ultimate success of disaster management would be the elimination of the underlying causes of disasters; this would contribute to minimizing people’s vulnerability to disaster.

Positive responses to emergencies will make an enormous impact on the current deadly state of disaster events. At CRID, we see this programme as a vital component that will contribute towards attaining those skills and techniques.



  • An understanding of the prerequisites for preparedness planning, action plans and procedures, training issues and models, preparedness roles and responsibilities, public awareness and warnings.
  • Able to organise and coordinate disaster preparedness action plans and checklists.
  • Able to organise advance planning activities, collectively, including strategic planning, contingency planning and forward planning.
  • Understand disaster management operations; including advances in decision making, information management, problem-solving, project and program planning, resource management, and monitoring.
  • Able to develop skills to manage disaster personnel including leadership, organization, personnel management, and personnel evaluation.
  • Understand the need for managing organizations, and hence able to plan, control and direct organizational development; physical control and resource management; and communications and evaluation.
  • Able to manage disaster personnel at operational levels; including being able to take decisions and actions required at the disaster sites.



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Who should attend

This programme is recommended for all levels of personnel involved in disaster management responsibilities, especially those such as senior managers, managers and supervisors in government and non-government organisations.

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