Emerging Issues in Radio and Spectrum Management

TCC 0706

This specialist course reviews the history of spectrum management to get delegates up-to-speed on today’s modern spectrum management tools.

It introduces spectrum trading and helps delegates to understand the implications of these developments in telecom networks. The course provides insights into the technical, economic and management issues involved in the specialist field, as well as explain key issues such as auctions, administrative pricing, trading, property rights and spectrum commons.


Real-life case studies from across the globe are used to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches adopted by different regulators, and valuable lessons learnt are collectively analysed. This course is a must attend for personnel keen to develop renewed insight into radio spectrum management.



  • Develop general awareness of search and rescue activities and systems, including SAR incident management and the legal/ethical aspects.
  • Able to determine support information, skills and equipment necessary for effective SAR, including physical fitness, survival improvisations, SAR environments, navigations skills, foot travel skills, etc.
  • Ability to undertake acceptable standard of SAR operations, including ability to understand search backgrounds, and how search operations and rescue plans are carried out.
  • Can design and manage a sound SAR system, including task force structure marking systems, use of track identification forms, briefing and debriefing checklists design, missing person questionnaire design, search urgency accounts, equipment list management, SAR resource typing, etc.



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Who should attend

This course is recommended for senior management staff involved with regulation of telecommunication, including network planners, designers and technical managers at mobile and fixed operators and broadcasters, and others involved in the technology and economics of radio spectrum.

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