Emerging Leadership Skills for Legislative Managers


The specialist programme in Emerging Leadership Skills for Legislative Managers, is designed to enhance the leadership potential and vision of policymakers who are currently in or are likely to be at the helm of tomorrow’s legislature.

As a result of attending this programme, delegates will broaden their perspectives to become better able to challenge the future in new and positive ways.


A variety of presentations on cutting-edge leadership concepts will be made from world-renowned experts. It is important for legislative leaders to be likeable managers, which can sometimes be a difficult process
to describe, but it a characteristic that facilitates great communication and relationships among team. It is expected that participants will begin to see how important it is to develop better managerial skills. It is often said that leaders are born, not made, while it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are born amid adversity. Once the techniques of true leadership and influence are developed, leaders can build the confidence of themselves and their team.

During this specialist programme we shall review self-leadership and servant leadership concepts which are currently emerging leadership skills in today’s legislative environment. Essential modules of this programme include current perspectives on political leadership; personal leadership in a changing world; group dynamics and leadership; values and ethics; the art of political leadership; issues in state legislative leadership; the global perspective; action steps to make a difference; etc. The programme provides a forum for the recognition of the contributions of leadership, caucus and personal staff to the legislative process and to increase effectiveness of leadership staff. It also provides a forum for discussion of how leadership staff can better serve their leaders and their legislators.



  • Understand how to develop leadership qualities, including how to delegate effectively and choosing inspirational and engaging tasks for self and others.
  • Able to identify the roles of your team and learn how to trust others and earn their trust.
  • Understand “leadership” theories and different styles as well as explain leading strategies.
  • Understand self-leadership including how to motivate selves and set self-goals.
  • Able to define servant leadership, including analysing its characteristics and barriers as well as learn how to be an effective mentor and motivate others.
  • Able to analyse and feed back on elements of personal leadership style and be aware of the importance of values and ethics in governance and public service.


5 Days

Rate per person

$2595 USD

Action centre


Who should attend

This programme is recommended for senior and middle managers in the legislative environment especially those within the national and regional parliaments. It is particularly ideal for team leaders and chairmen of legislative committees.

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