Emerging Trends in Global Telecoms Environments and Best Practices

TCC 0702

The course is designed to review the convergence of the telecom, media, and technology (TMT) sectors and give a comprehensive overview of the current telecom environment.

It will focus on the interdependence of the IT infrastructure, multimedia content and broadband transport network in today’s hyperconnected mobile environment and discusses the importance of telecoms numbering management, storing and delivering, analyzing, tracking, and monetizing content. Emerging telecom technologies of
interconnectivity and licensing will be fully analyzed.


This is a must attend course for TMT professionals, telecoms regulatory personnel, business decision-makers, communications marketing and sales staff, and other industry practitioners. Modules will cover such areas as standards and regulations; data communications protocols; telephony, VoIP, SS7, SIP, and IP PBX; numbering management; content management; fixed access technologies; wireless access technologies; IT, telecom, and media convergence; cloud technologies and interconnectivity; and the latest trends of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD); and other emerging issues.



  • Become conversant with the global telecommunications environment.
  • Better able to develop best practices in competition policy and safeguarding.
  • Better able to manage content interconnection.
  • Develop renewed spectrum and numbering management skills.
  • Become better aware of NGN policy and regulation, as well as able to analyse reasons for recent changes in the EU and US regulations.
  • Better aware of new regimes in universal service and market.
  • Understand better the concept of VoIP and other OTT services.



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Who should attend

This course is ideal for top management staff involved with managing telecoms personnel and processes, especially those responsible for telecoms processes & practices and for entry level managers communications technology.

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