Enabling Employees Achieve their Potentials

Enabling Employees Achieve their Potentials

Providing a model of distinction is an important at-tribute of organizational leaders who want their employees to commit to top performance and continuous improvement. However, by itself, this is not enough for improved performance to be achieved and maintained.

Organizational leaders must also develop employees in a manner that equip, enable, and empower them with the corporate ability to fulfil their commitment.


The programme in “Enabling Employees Achieve their Potentials” will review various tried, tested and proven best practices strategies that executives, managers, and supervisors have used to lead employees to peak performance and continual improvement as well as their organizations to corporate excellence.

Delegates will identify strategies to get the best from their employees on a consistent basis by the use of corporate leadership, management, and supervisory tools.



  • Creating an acceptable corporate culture that promotes, sup-ports and rewards peak performance amongst employees.
  • Helps employees understand the corporate vision and how to fit into it as well as help them play an effective part executing strategic and operational plans.
  • Be able to maintain a high standard of integrity and ethics and help employees develop same and become a good team builder/leader, and help employees become good team members.
  • Become proficient at time and change management and helping employees become better agents of change and proficient at conflict management and helping employees become better managers and resolvers of conflict.
  • Become proficient at decision making, problem solving and critical thinking and help employees develop skills in these key areas.
  • Also be able to use employees complaints as opportunity for improvement.
  • Become proficient in working well together and group dynamics, and help employees to become better members of a corporate team.



Rate per person

On application

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Who should attend

This programme is recommended for staff involved with team/group and relationship management responsibilities within public and private sector and parastatal. Especially personnel responsible for personnel growth and development.

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