Contemporary Issues in Delivering Excellent Quality Service in Aviation


This course serves as a handy and rational guide for both external and internal service providers in the aviation environment to implementing an effective way to control the service quality
perceived by their customers

The course is essential for those service providers that wish to systematically manage service quality. It provides a step-by-step and easy to understand structure, and will enable those service providers that are already proactively managing their service quality to build new procedures into present practice for utmost effect.


At the end of this course, attendees should be in a position to carry out optimal decision-making as well as budget and capacity planning that will justified any stake-holders’ interest in the service operation. The outcome of the improved practice as a result of these guides can be systematically measured and easily circulated throughout the organization, leading to better levels of driving force amongst internal and external aviation service providers and customer service staff.



  • Have a broad view of managing quality service in the aviation environment; including provision of quality service by service providers as well as the market of service provision in aviation.
  • Able to review general service issues and models of service quality; including the five major performance objectives, performance matrix, change management issues and quality in aviation.
  • Able to develop and manage an aviation service quality cycle; including generation and ranking of quality standards, measuring performance against these standards, analysing present situations and
    derivation of action plans.
  • Be better prepared to deal with and manage implementation of quality cycle issues and able to design quality and standards oriented service quality checklists; including guiding others to utilise them.



Rate per person

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Who should attend

This course is recommended for top management staff involved with airport mgt, especially those responsible for customer service units and ground handling. It is also a valuable for all involved in air transport, tourism and aviation regulatory sectors.

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