The Fundamentals of Search & Rescue Operations


The course provides delegates with foundation skills and mind set to increase capacity in search and Resuc (SAR).

Delegates learn search theory, tactics and terminology, clue preservation and awareness and gain practical skills through hands-on training that accompanies this field manual such as wilderness survival, orienteering, packaging a litter and a night search exercise.


The course is presented in a manner that will meet any particular state or national agencies training requirements, as well as provide current offerings on the same subject.

It serves as an awareness level course or a fantastic supplement to survival training.

Finally delegates will be provided with an overview of all aspects of search and rescue procedures and equipment, including essential techniques employed by nearly all search and rescue personnel.



  • Develop general awareness of search and rescue activities and systems, including SAR incident management and the legal/ethical aspects.
  • Able to determine support information, skills and equipment necessary for effective SAR, including physical fitness, survival improvisations, SAR environments, navigations skills, foot travel skills, etc.
  • Ability to undertake acceptable standard of SAR operations, including ability to understand search backgrounds, and how search operations and rescue plans are carried out.
  • Can design and manage a sound SAR system, including task force structure marking systems, use of track identification forms, briefing and debriefing checklists design, missing person questionnaire design, search urgency accounts, equipment list management, SAR resource typing, etc


1 Days

Rate per person

$995 USD

Action centre


Who should attend

The course is ideal for fire fighters, law enforcement personnel, emergency medical services (EMS) providers, construction workers and industry employees that may be faced with search and rescue duties.

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