Emerging Trends in Information Management for Aviation Libraries

AM 0506

The course provides delegates with the knowledge and tools needed to design, construct and maintain a modern digital library, regardless of the size, audience or purpose.

It is the perfect resource for individuals, agencies, and institutions wishing to put these powerful tools to work in their growing information management sector


It reflects new developments in the field as well as in the Digital Library open source software. Key aspects of the programme will include issues as the user groups, user support, collaborative browsing, user contributions, etc; there will also be issues on content-based queries, map-based queries, cross-media queries, etc; and there will be an emphasis placed on multimedia, including digitizing, internationalisation and the major media types.

The software tools will be comprehensively discussed to reflect the new developments in Greenstone Digital Library Software, an internationally popular open source software tool with a comprehensive graphical facility for creating and maintaining digital libraries. In addition, practical demonstrations involving digital library collections will be included to demonstrate particular points raised in the programme.



  • Background knowledge of the history of libraries -both traditional and digital- and their impact on present practices and future directions will be developed, especially the changing world of digital
    libraries and the people involved; and coverage of today’s practical standards used to represent and store information digitally in all settings will be attained.
  • A sound understanding of the transition from people to presentation in digital libraries, including user interfaces, presenting textual and multimedia documents.
  • Able to discuss and utilise metadata elements of organisation, including metadata for multimedia, compound objects, metadata quality, etc.
  • Develop a sound conceptual knowledge of digital library software; including building allocations and design patterns for advanced user interfaces.
  • Attendess will understand the practical aspects of a sound digital research projects and able to reconcile research and production values in a specialist library organisations, with special focus on aviation.



Rate per person

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Who should attend

This coures is recommended for top and middle level managers in the library sector ofthe aviation industry, and other industries that manage specialist organisational information.

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