Evolving International Strategies in the Foreign Exchange Market

BF 0405

In this exciting course, we discusses the huge changes which have occurred during the past few years in foreign exchange markets and the impact they will have on the manner in which international business will be conducted over the next decade.

In recent years the foreign exchange markets have gone through dramatic changes which will affect the way in which international business is conducted. The course equips participants with needed skills to guide their decision making process in the major money markets around the world, especially in financial management and control matters.




  • Have a basic understanding of the money markets scenarios, euromarkets and foreign exchange, and able to work out the links between the international money markets and global financial integration.
  • Able to analyse the international financial systems, particularly the European, Japanese and American monetary unions.
  • Will have an understanding of efficient markets (or Chaos), including ability to forecast the markets and analyse money and foreign exchange mechanics, financial futures, interest rates and currency swaps.
  • Able to work with options and risk issues, including international investing, trading and risk management.
  • Able to understand information on the latest trends and techniques including the uses of chaos theory, neutral nets, technical charting methods, the international monetary systems, risk metrics, etc.



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Who should attend

This course is recommended for personnel involved with managing public and private pension funds, such as risk managers, fund managers, portfolio managers and board members. It is particularly valuable for public fund managers at local and state levels.

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