Issues in Telecommunications Network Economics

TCC 0705

This course presents a balance of theory and practice of telecommunication economics for practitioners, service providers and corporate service users.

It provides an up-to-date guide and comprehensive overview of the key issues in telecommunication network economics, as well as the mathematical models behind the solutions. The discussions on these mathematical foundations enable attendees to understand the economic issues arising currently in network economics, from business, research and political perspectives.


The course presents a unique and practical guide to current issues, including app stores; volume-based pricing; auctions for advertisements; search engine business models; the network neutrality debate; the relationship between mobile operators and mobile virtual network operators; and the economics of security. It will discuss all types of key players in telecommunications, from users, to access and transit network providers, to service providers (including search engines, cloud providers or content delivery networks), to content providers and regulatory bodies. The programme is essential for managers, researchers and practitioners working in the telecommunications industry.



  • Become aware of the basics of the economics of access service providers, including history and evolution of access pricing models; expectations of users and ISPs, impact on other actors; etc.
  • Become aware of the basics of the economics at content and application level including its history; advertising; paid applications versus free applications with advertisement; etc.
  • Better understanding interactions among network service providers including auctions for wireless spectrum; competition between access providers; position and situation of MVNOs; etc.
  • Become more aware of the interactions among content and application service providers including an introduction; competition at the content level; etc.
  • Understand better the relations between content/application providers and access service providers, including evolution of economic relations between content/application and network providers; etc.



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Who should attend

This is recommended for top management staff involved with regulation of telecommunication, especially those responsible for regional, and international telecoms processes and practices. It is also for others involved in other communications operations & regulations.

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