Management & Development of Sustainable Green Projects

SD 0204

Provides participants with a detailed, cutting-edge green techniques and methods, it also provides a systematic guide to project managers on how to maximize resources and get the most out of limited budgets.

It will analyse proven techniques and best practices in green project management, including risk and opportunity assessments.


This specialist programme will also explain how to tap into green incentives; including grants, rebates, tax credits and carbon credits. It also provides project managers with green techniques that take little time to implement, can benefit all types of projects, and generate immediate savings to the project’s bottom line.

The programme analyses the green field and sets out the steps for those who want to be ahead of the crowd, allowing them to take a considered response as a green/sustainable option.



  • Able to define and differentiate green and sustainability.
  • Understanding the elements of green design & construction and understand basic green project requirements.
  • Will appreciate green construction cost monitoring, and will know how the consultant functions in the requisition process, including choosing materials and products.
  • A good understanding of the economics of green design, review of plans & specifications.
  • Able to carry out industry acclaimed project front-end analysis, and deal with lender’s liability issues.
  • Develop the ability and technique to handle green project commissioning, design typical agreements. Able to design approaches to green project business development plans.



Rate per person

On application

Action centre


Who should attend

Top and middle project managers in the ministry of environment and other public and private sector economies, heads of works’ department and special projects and their senior managers.

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