Managing Effectively in the Changing Telecomms Environment

TCC 0701

Personnel responsible for general management in developing international organizations for telecommunication industry, will find this pro- gramme appropriate in building their management skills and increasing their knowledge.

Through intense classroom discussion and practical activities, the introductory programme will focus on: i.) effective management techniques; ii.) the telecommunications climate; and iii.) efficient operational decisions.


This intensive course is designed to present broad management concepts and considerations.

The course is appropriate for managers at entry level telecomms staff, including operators and regulators, it is not ideal for telecomms staff without management responsibilities.

It focuses on the challenges of managing in a telecomms environment in an era of technological change and innovation.



  • Introduction to issues and manage in a changing environment, including markets and marketing strategy; innovation and business strategy in high dynamic environs; etc.
  • Introduce team building and project management skills, including managing change, team building, and strategies for effective collaboration; cooperation in the midst of cultural; introduction to project management strategies; standards development and coordinating QA processes.
  • Better understanding of managerial concepts including ensuring data privacy and security; managing in times of rapid change; managing customer expectations; etc.
  • Will be introduced to renewed management operations skills in the telecoms industry including planning, organization; leadership and delegation; control and review strategies; etc.


2 Days

Rate per person

$1000 USD

Action centre


Who should attend

The course is ideal for top management staff involved with managing telecoms personnel and processes, especially those responsible for international telecoms processes & practices.

It is especially ideal for entry level managers involved in communications technology.

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