Organisational Financial Planning, Leadership and Cost Control


Financial managers are tasked with determining the capital requirements and structures of their organizations, ascertainment of resources, cost of available capital and its economic development and control.

Central to this objective is the reason that financial resources are scarce due to reduced funding to both governments and NGOs by donor agencies, which require a sound financial management system.


This course is designed to compliment and underpin exiting skills on a sound financial management platform to satisfy corporate objectives and stakeholders. The programme is of benefit to accountants, auditors, project managers, policy analysts and financial officer from government, NGOs, parastatals and the private sectors. Some key modules analysed during the programme include – the financial management environment, fraud in the corporate scene, preventative control schemes, budgeting as a planning and control tool, etc.

This programme also serves as a reference tool for making sound and informed organisational financial decisions.



  • Become better able to integrate financial concepts and policies into management decision and budgeting process; including ability to use these concepts in decision making.
  • Develop skills for evaluating financial viability of projects and activities through revenue ac-count, balance sheets and investment projections; including the early involvement of these in planning processes.
  • Become better able to employ cash flow tools to analyses financial results; and become use to the reporting results in industry accepted standards.
  • Become better able to communicate effectively with financial executives and staff; especially on financial results analysis.
  • Become able to develop and utilize strategic and operational budgets for sound financial and operational decision making.
  • Develop sound financial management skills to satisfy corporate objectives and meet stakeholders’ expectations.


10 Days

Rate per person

$3495 USD

Action centre


Who should attend

This programme is recommended for finance officers, managers, planning and budgeting off icers, accountants, senior financial and accounting staff, senior accounts clerks and other professionals who make financial decisions, in both public and private sectors. It is also of benefit for others who work within the finance function.

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