Programme in Accounting as a Financial Instrument

BF 0407

This practical course guides participants through the process to deal with the complicated area of accounting of financial instruments.

The course involves a number of sophisticated, but easily understood worked examples; it treats this complex subject in a way that provides clear guidance on the subject.


The course also highlights mistakes that both auditing firms and the accounting standard setters are making, and demonstrates the contribution the International Financial Reporting Standards have made to the current credit crisis



  • Have a basic understanding of the concept of accounting as a Financial instrument and how it is applicable to today’s financial world
  • Able to discuss the set up and use of accounting foundations and their impact on corporate governance.
  • Develop a sound background knowledge of hedge accounting (HA), and able to use simple illustrative examples to analyse HA.
  • Developing skills for use of accounting tools for structured products (market risks) and credit risks.
  • Able to utilize Off–Balance Sheet Accounting (OSA) in technical situations, including reconciliation.
  • Able to develop a system for moving accounting techniques towards Mark–to–Market Accounting.
  • Develop skills for use of accounting skills for insurance, fiduciary and risk management activities.



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Who should attend

This course is recommended for personnel involved with managing public and private pension funds, such as risk managers, fund managers, portfolio managers and board members. It is particularly valuable for public fund managers at all levels.

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