Specialist Management Training Programmes

Over the past years, CRID has developed a wide range of industry specific management training programmes that cover most aspects of organisational capacity improvement needs. Some of these industry specific programmes represent the following fields:


  • Aviation Industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Construction Industry
  • Medical and Health Sector
  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Labour Organisations
  • Others to be announced


For CRID to continue to be competitive in today’s world, we have and are helping specialist industries to invest in ongoing management training that continuously improve their employees’ knowledge, capacity and skills. Our extensively practical programmes are comprehensive resources that offer theoretical, strategic, and practical foundation for entire personnel training process. Based on our ever improving professional experience, expertise and team, we are able to help organisations HR and learning/development units to improve nine key aspects, including:


– Develop training and development strategies

– Understand vision, mission, and goal alignment

– Conduct needs assessments

– Determine training’s priorities

– Create and manage budget and internal marketing strategies

– Choose and use effective instructional methods

– Evaluate training impact to their organisations

– Compute training’s return on investment

– Achieve training goals and audit training practices


CRID programmes are innovative, comprehensive, and designed to extend and develop the potential of key managers and leaders within an organization, especially appointed personnel. Our programmes are also very practical, interactive, development-based and are designed to assist organisations and individuals in building capability and performance improvement. Our programmes are facitated by persons with a proven track record of experience and success in their related fields.

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