General Training Programmes

General Management Training Programmes

We have developed a wide range of quality management training programmes that cover most aspects of organisational capacity improvement needs. Some of our most popular general management training programmes include the following; Computerised Data Analysis Decision for Senior Managers , Managing the Logistics of Production and Inventory, Time and Stress Management Strategies, Project Costing and Budgeting; Policies and Implementation, Management in the Voluntary Sector, Time and Stress Management Strategies, Group Dynamics; Team Performance Improvement Strategies, Fraud Detection, Management and Control Schemes, Effective Records Management; Practical Implementation, Working Well Together; Corporate Relationship Management Schemes and many more.

CRID programmes are innovative, comprehensive, and designed to extend and develop the potential of key managers and leaders within an organization, especially appointed personnel. CRID programmes are practical, interactive, development-based and are designed to assist organisations and individuals in building capability and performance improvement. Our programmes are facilitated by persons with a proven track record of experience and success in their related fields.

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