Regulatory Principles, Competition Policy and Best Practices in Telecoms Regulations

TCC 0703

This specialist and intensive course will explore competition policy, regulatory issues, network security and regulatory best practices.

It will critically review the roles of the regulators, markets stake- holders, regulatory tools, regulatory authorities, etc. It will also provide a foundation for understanding the rules of competition and the regulatory powers that apply to the telecommunications sector, within the background of a wider competitive landscape.


The rapid changes in the field of telecommunications have prompted regulators around the world and the entities they regulate to examine the effectiveness of regulatory structures, practices, and procedures governing telecommunications marketplace. This course is intended to expose participants to ideas and approaches than can lead to the development of best practices in telecommunication regulation suitable to a variety of settings and circumstances. The sessions will
focus on the perspectives of telecommunications regulators, telecommunications infrastructure, telecommunications service providers and consumers. A UKTA specialist trainer will be utilized for the delivery of this training when held in our UK venue.



  • Understand the application of competition law as its applicable to the telecommunications sector, especially abuse of dominance and merger control.
  • Develop a good understanding of the interaction between competition law and regulation, especially “Significant Market Power/ Dominant Carrier” regulation.
  • Will review renewed challenges and opportunities that rapid advances in technology, and evolving market- place conditions, and increasing privatization and globalization create for telecommunications providers.
  • Develop an understanding of the goals and concerns of national policy-makers and regulators in regard to their countries’ respective telecommunications needs in modern telecommunications environment.
  • Will be able to identify effective “best practices” that can be adapted by regulators in a variety of settings to achieve favourable policy and regulatory outcomes for telecommunications users as well as service providers.



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Who should attend

This course is recommended for top management staff involved with regulation of telecommunication, especially those responsible for regional, national and international telecoms processes and practices. It is also for others in- volved in communications regulations

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