Linking like-minded organisation, as a component of our training programmes

At CRID we believe in a global society, where a one-size fits all model, never works. We work towards the empowerment and enhancement of corporate development efforts already in place, to increase long-term local and international support and networking, rather than sporadic, short-lived interventions.

Organisations need to understand that their responsibilities and activities automatically link them to others, somewhere in the local or international environment. We therefore, strive in ensuring that needed support and networking can be activated with like minded organisations. As your organisation explores the possibilities of cross-cultural interaction, global projects, and new learning opportunities, you will come across several like minded bodies in existence, which we facilitate an initial networking accord.

The practical module of our programmes facilitate the attainment of this global society, and thus sets in motion a series of activities that will ultimately ensure that you become a part of this global society.