Strategic Fundamentals in Telecommunications Management

TCC 0704

Telecommunication operators in both fast-growing and mature markets are under increased pressure in today’s business climate.

These changes create opportunities but there is also increasing competition within the industry and from other industries. The typical concept of providing “good enough” services and locking customers into subscriptions is under pressure – telecom companies must now attract customer segments with relevant and unique value propositions.


At the same time, operating costs need to be brought under control and many telecom companies are planning efficiency improvement schemes. Either of these pressures on its own requires change that telecom companies and people are
not used to. Achieving both of those requires major leadership changes, strategic reviews and innovation management as an ongoing concern in the organisation. This course reviews the fundamental strategies needed for successfully managing telecommunication services, whether as a regulator, service provider or managers of end user experience.



  • Better understand the direction of the future for Telecommunication; including the challenges and prospects they yield.
  • Become better equipped to deal with issues of changing trends of the world of telecommunication; including how to develop strategies for managing the various aspects of change and new innovations.
  • Review competition issues in telecommunication; including expanding into new markets and battling intensely to maintain reasonable market share.
  • Better able to understand renewed technology changes including how this affects customer behaviour and expectations and how to develop unique strategies to manage these expectations.
  • Become better able to manage renewed customers’ view of telecommunication including as a connection to people; connection to services; connection to content; and connection to friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Able to develop renewed strategy for managing employees’ expectations, including understanding employees from a clear, differentiated customer value proposition; developing leadership strategy to manage change; ability to set up and manage talent pool.
  • Utilise networking opportunities to meet telecommunications operatives in the venue of training to compare practical strategies adopted by other telecom operatives and experts



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