Strategic Resource Mobilisation for Sustainable Development

SD 0203

The course is a specialised guide to helping government and non-government bodies in developing strategies to mobilising funds in a sustainable manner.

It provides a clear and practical guide about how to mobilise funds and other resources, and in doing so, becoming a financially selfreliant entity.


Furthermore, it will examine numerous and varied options, covering such strategies as earned income, local foundations, international and national government sources, foreign agencies, corporate sectors, internet, microcredit and social investments.

Finally, we explore the use of these funds/resource mobilisation options within a strategic overview of planning and management effectiveness.

The programme will provide an excellent conceptual framework for the various alternative approaches to the development of effective and energetic resource mobilisation for public sector projects.



  • Clarify the differences between fund raising and resource mobilisation.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the framework for various approaches to resource mobilisation.
  • Integrate theory and concepts with a particular focus on tried, tested and practicable approaches that have been used successfully in strategic resource mobilisation.
  • Increase the capacity of government bodies to develop and efficiently manage own resource mobilisation strategies and thus improving their international credit score rating.



Rate per person

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Who should attend

This programme is recommended for staff involved with resource mobilisation and management for development projects in public and private sector organisations.

It is of particular value to managers of funding activities of sustainable projects in the public sector.

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