Contemporary Approaches to Management of Waste in the Oil Industry

EOG 0603

The course provides delegates with a detailed and all-inclusive waste management solutions in the oil industry.

It deals with strategies required to manage wastes emanating from oil exploration, development, refining, storage, and distribution in an ecologically friendly manner.


The strategies to be comprehensively reviewed during the programme include, but are not limited to input substitution, product reformulation, production process redesign/modernization, improved operation and maintenance of production, recovery/recycle and waste treatment and segregation.

The course is invaluable to people responsible for implementing environmentally sound disposal activities in the oil industry.



  • Develop a sound overall view of the oil industry fundamentals; including exploration activities, product development, oil production, crude oil refining, and distribution activities in the oil industry.
  • Will have a renewed knowledge in waste characteristics and types in the oil industry; including exploration waste, drilling/production waste and distribution/storage waste.
  • Have a better understanding of environmental and sustainability issues in the oil industry; and able to develop reasonable knowledge in worldwide industry specific environmental regulations; including onshore industry national laws of the US and UK, offshore international agreements and summary of these agreements.
  • Able to determine types of waste management strategies relevant to their circumstances; including improved operations and maintenance, recovery and recycling, waste treatment and reduction techniques, land filling and disposal, land farming, thermal desorption, incineration, bioremediation, adsorption, ion exchange, air stripping and deep well re-injection.
  • Able to design appropriate waste management schemes for themselves and others; including the use of some or all of the strategies discussed.



Rate per person

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Who should attend

This course is recommended for personnel involved with managing offshore waste and environmental duties. It is also valuable to person responsible for translating waste management environmental regulation into operational strategies in the offshore and drilling industries.

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