• An international capacity development organisation, specialising in the sustainable development of public and private workforces at the national, regional and local level
  • Regulated by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education – for more information please visit www.the-bac.org
  • All our capacity development programmes are people-oriented even those that are highly technical are composed in such a way that they bring out the best in them
  • Programmes are innovative, comprehensive programmes designed to extend and develop the potential of key managers and leaders within an organization, especially the appointed personnel. They are practical, interactive, development-related and are designed to assist organisations and individuals in building capability and performance improvement. The programmes are facilitated by persons with a proven track record of experience and success in their related fields.
  1. Concept and terminology in programmes are simple, innovative and easy to translate to appropriate business situations
  2. All material is based on research-backed ideas and methods.
    Depth and quality of material covering almost every aspect of corporate training for civil society, private or public sector organisations
  3. External accreditation to verify all operations, capacity and performance
  4. CRID is comprised of successful business people with proven aptitudes for training, who relate to the challenges faced by delegates
  5. Feedback is continually sought and used to ensure future courses are as effective as they can be
  6. Experience – CRID has delivered training and development solutions in many countries and continents – UK, Africa, Caribbean and Asia Pacific to several sectors:
    1. Government – ministries, departments, agencies and other public-sector organisations
    2. Energy inc. Oil & Gas – public and private sectors
    3. Transport inc. Aviation & Maritime
    4. Telecommunications inc.
    5. ICT inc
    6. Finance inc. Audit, Banking and Taxation
Why Nicholas?
  • Nicholas has over 18 years of proven expertise in the development and management of training; especially in sustainable development, general management and construction/health and safety.
  • He has a background in a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture, corporate management, hygiene services and occupational health and safety.
  • He was instrumental to the coordination of extension workers and service providers training for over 7 years at Farmers Care Project in Swaziland, Southern Africa from 1999, where he remains an ex-officio director to date.
  • Nicholas has a MA in Development Studies (work in progress). He also has a B. Agric with a speciality in Animal Sciences. He published his first book, Knowledge Management in 2017.
  • He is married and a father of four children.

Ensuring delegate’s requirements are met before, during and after programmes:

  1. Communicate effectively with clients’ HR.
    Coordinate client-specific training strategies.
    Liaise with clients’ on flight and travel arrangements.
  2. Provide all necessary documentation for visa applications and issuance.
  3. Receive clients’ delegates warmly on arrival at training venue airport.
  4. Ensure they are adequately accommodated and move about during training.
  5. Undertake relevant study visits and sightseeing at our training venues
  6. We are responsible for delegates’ preparation for departure
  7. Ensure post-training needs are met at the end of training.
Internationally recognised
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